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NZMBCMember - Phil Clark

(Please forgive the terrible photo of me. I will get a better one here soon - promise!

I'm retired now, but have worked as a teacher, travel agent and natural resource technician. I've only been collecting for about six months as of May 2019 and have just 194 bottles. Most are brandy, cognac, tequila and whiskey/whisky. I also collect stamps and maps.

I am resident in Washington (State) USA and have access to the State of Oregon liquor store inventory, as well as the BevMo and Total Wine commercial sites for the State of Washington. I am happy to supply copies of the mini stock lists for these to any member and get any bottles they need for them. With such a small collection I will be easy to trade with! I also have contacts in California and regularly purchase bottles from sites there and have them shipped up to Washington.

I really like Tequila minis but my favorite bottle is one I am still looking for, the Camus Cognac Josephine 50ml bottle. There is something about this label that I really like. Please contact me if you have one for sale or swap.

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