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New Zealand Miniature Bottle Club

Club and Commercial Sites

This page lists Club, commercial and other non-personal mini bottle sites.

  Antique Cellar Store

Based in Beirut, Lebanon, this store features thousands of bottles/decanters both large and mini.

  Club Espaņol De Coleccionistas De Botellitas De Licor

Spanish Club (use Google translate). Very good site with lots of high resolution photos.

  Decanter Pictorials

Alphabetical listing and pictures of over 5,000 decanters, big and small. Picture quality varies.


This is a site for many types of collections but there are many mini bottle collections featured plus bottles for sale. It has great filtering allowing you to find the types of bottles you are interested in accross multiple collectors. Looking to put your minis on-line? Kolektado is free.

  Midwest Miniature Bottle Collectors

The largest US based miniature bottle club. Check out their annual Bottle Show.

  Miniature Bottle Gallery

Situated in Oslo, Norway, the Mini Bottle Gallery displays the largest collection of miniature bottles in the world.

  Miniature Bottle Library

A cooperative site aiming to show photos of all miniatures ever made - a never ending task! This site started with 'fancy' bottles and is comprehensive in this area. It now includes 'straights' but it will take years to upload all of these. The site is comprehensively indexed and cross referenced.

  Northwest Miniature Bottle Club

Based in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia but with plenty of members from father afield and a nice web site.


Well known to all collectors for their books and jugs. Large & small jugs for sale, with pictures; company history etc.

  The Mini Bottle Club

The UK Club. Completely re-written 2016 and worth a visit.


German based but in English, German, Italian & Japanese. Regular auctions of minis and large bottles. Fully searchable sold bottles database.


A confusingly named site based in England but with a server in the USA. Regular auctions of minis and large bottles.